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The buddy check is used to check your own diving equipment as well as to get to know and check the equipment of the diving buddy and must be carried out before each dive.

Basic knowledge for Open Water Diver* (OWD*)

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Before each dive, it is important to conduct a buddy check additional to the briefing. Check if your buddies equipment is complete and functional. Preferably check the equipment of your buddy while he check yours. This way you get some familiarity with your buddies equipment and both of you know that it is complete and working. If there should be an emergency situation you can act more precise and quickly.

As an aid, you can either use one of the many reminders or work your equipment from top to bottom:

  1. Regulators: Does the main second stage and the octopus work?
  2. Valves: Are the cylinder valves open? Valve for the main first stage? Valve for the alternate air source if on separate outlets?
  3. Air supply: What is the cylinder pressure? Does the pressure gauge work?
  4. BCD: Are all buckles closed? Is the harness tight?
  5. Inflator: Does air intake and outlet work? Does the quick release work?
  6. Weight system: Lead weights safely stowed? How does the release system work?
  7. Other: Diving equipment complete?