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The dive briefing serves to give you the most important information about the dive. A briefing must be given before each dive from the dive leader or instructor.

Before your first dive

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Before each dive, your VIT Instructor will conduct a briefing with you. Here he will explain the most important facts about the dive and the dive site, the exercises that will be performed, hand signals and emergency procedures. Please be especially attentive to the briefing and speak up immediately if there is something you don't understand, you do not trust the planned dive or the planned exercises or you are not feeling well. Your VIT instructor will definitely meet your needs.

After the dive, your VIT instructor will conduct a debriefing, where the dive will be summarized again, the exercises will be discussed and conclusions for the next dive will be drawn. Make it very clear in the discussion after the dive, what was easy for you and specially what was difficult or made you feel uncomfortable during the dive. Only then can your instructor help you to master the respective skills and draw conclusions for further dives.


Under no circumstances should you do a dive which makes you uncomfortable during the briefing or you suspect it to exceed your limits or training.