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Since we can't really talk under water, it is necessary to communicate using a simple sign language. There are a number of standardized underwater hand signals, which every diver has to know [1].

Before your first dive

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All hand signals can be used as a question as well as an answer. In any case, you would expect a confirmation from your buddy to any signal given from you. For example, if you understand his request and agree to it, just answer with the OK signal. You should memorize the following five underwater hand signals before your first dive:

Basic knowledge for Open Water Diver* (OWD*)

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The most important signs, which you have to know as Open Water Diver*, are shown below:

The following two signs regarding your air supply you have to show your dive buddy or to the dive leader without being asked:

The following signs, which are also recognizable from a distance, can be used on the surface:


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